What to do when you find a lost pet

Below is our quick graphic of what to do as soon as you have found someone's lost pet.  Further below are our detailed lists of information that can help you find their owner (where our graphic does not have active links, those links are included in the section below).

Don't forget to message our facebook page, Find Toby in PA with the details needed to create a post: a photo of the found pet, City & State where found, streets at the nearest intersection, date found, a contact number we can include in our post.  Additional information which is helpful - Pet gender, if wearing collar/tags, if checked for a microchip.

2020 Found Pet.jpg

File Reports

Spread the Word

  • Check with people who live in the area to see if they recognize the pet

  • Place an ad in the newspaper

  • Utilize social media

Keep Safe

Follow Up

  • Meet potential owners in public

  • Involve police or shelter if needed - particularly if you suspect abuse or neglect

Don't Assume

  • An animal is being mistreated based on it's current condition ~ it may have a medical condition, been lost for awhile, or neglected by a previous finder

  • A pet has been dumped ~ someone could have stolen the animal and taken it to a secondary location

  • Think Lost, Not Stray!

Verify Ownership

  • Vet Records, Rabies Certificate, or License

  • Photos

  • Adoption papers, transfer of ownership, or bill of sale

  • Does the pet respond to the name

  • Search the name/phone number on Facebook

  • Ask for descriptive information not included in the found post

Smart 4 Paws, Inc provides links to outside sources & businesses as a reference. We do not endorse any business but wish to provide our followers with as much information and additional resources as we can