What to do when you find a lost pet

Attempt to ID

  • Check for a license

  • Check for a rabies tag

  • Scan for a microchip - any local vet can do this at no cost

  • Check Lost Pets

File Reports

Spread the Word

Keep Safe

Follow Up

  • Meet potential owners in public

  • Involve police or shelter if needed - particularly if you suspect abuse or neglect

Don't Assume

  • An animal is being mistreated based on it's current condition ~ it may have a medical condition, been lost for awhile, or neglected by a previous finder

  • A pet has been dumped ~ someone could have stolen the animal and taken it to a secondary location

  • Think Lost, Not Stray!

Verify Ownership

  • Vet Records, Rabies Certificate, or License

  • Photos

  • Adoption papers, transfer of ownership, or bill of sale

  • Does the pet respond to the name

  • Search the name/phone number on Facebook

  • Ask for descriptive information not included in the found post

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