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What to do when you find a lost pet

Don't forget to message our facebook page, Find Toby in PA with the details needed to create a post: a photo of the found pet, City & State where found, streets at the nearest intersection, date found, a contact number we can include in our post.  Additional information which is helpful - Pet gender, if wearing collar/tags, if checked for a microchip.

Find Toby in PA provides links to outside sources & businesses as a reference. We do not endorse any business but wish to provide our followers with as much information and additional resources as we can


  • THINK LOST, Not Dumped/Stray

  • "Finders Keepers" is Illegal

  • Check for tags or license on a collar

  • Scan for a microchip (most vets will scan for free, call ahead and ask to bring the pet in to be scanned)

  • Secure the pet so they do not escape

  • Contact Police or Animal Control if you are unable to keep.

  • File Reports

  • Post to online pages as found - include picture, location found and contact information:

  • Flyers: Free printable flyers are available on the following sites: Lost My KittyLost My Doggie​ , and Pawboost or request one from Find Toby in PA.

    • Large on neon posterboard with FOUND, a good picture and your phone number​

    • Place at intersections, community and business areas

    • Hand out to neighbors

    • Hopefully someone will know where the pet resides

  • Don't make assumptions

    • An animal could have a medical condition, be newly rescued, have a bad past or been lost for a long time.  We wish they could talk and tell us, but that is not possible.

    • "Finders Keepers" - Too many people believe they can keep a pet they have found without making any effort to locate the owner. This belief is not in the best interest of the owner or of the pet, and it is against the law. Although we treat pets as family members, legally they are property and treated as such in a dispute. You can read more at Mission Reunite

    • If you haven't seen a flyer or online post, that the pet does not have a owner looking for them (see below).

  • Be aware of myths & scams around lost pets​

    • Sadly, there are people who will try to take advantage of owners searching for their pets.  Read more at Mission Reunite.​

  • VERIFY OWNERSHIP!  You can ask someone claiming a pet to provide: ​

    • vet or adoption papers​

    • photos (preferably a picture that includes owner & pet

    • ask for descriptive info that was not included in the original post (markings, color of collar, etc)

    • Search facebook for photos of the pet on the owner's page (note that some settings will not permit this)

    • If you are unsure, reach out to your local police, dog warden/animal control officer or shelter for assistance in ensuring the pet is reunitd with their rightful owner OR turn the pet in to a licensed facility: Licensed Kennels Approved to Accept Dogs Running at Large

  • When a pet has been reunited, be sure to notify all sites so the posts can be updated.​

  • Link to list of area cat rescues.

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