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Volunteer with Find Toby in PA

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Find Toby in PA!


Find Toby in PA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization focused on reuniting lost pets with their families. We reunite. We do not rescue.

Founded in 2012, we have grown to over 108,000 followers. Since 2016, we have helped to reunite 25,000+ pets in Central PA & Northern MD.


We are a 100% volunteer organization with volunteers managing our Facebook page 365 days a year and volunteers in the field working to set traps and food stations to capture lost pets.

We are currently recruiting for 3 committees: Finance & Fundraising, Volunteer Engagement, External Communications.

We need people with skills such as:

● Corporate partnerships

● Donor engagement

● Event planning

● Facebook & YouTube

● Finance & Accounting

● Fundraising

● Grant writing

● Graphic design/Canva

● Legal expertise

● Marketing & PR

● Video content creators

● Volunteer recruitment

● Website design/Wix

Finance & Fundraising Committee

Responsibilities include fundraising, soliciting monthly donors, seeking grants and new sources of funding, finding corporate partnerships, creating and maintaining a donor database, donor communication.

Volunteer Engagement Committee

Responsibilities include onboarding, training and development of volunteers and board members, volunteer engagement, recognition and activities, and internal communication. 

External Communication Committee

Responsibilities include recruiting volunteers and board members, promoting the work of Find Toby in PA, educating and engaging followers, partners and potential partners, and attending events on behalf of the organization.


Volunteer requirements:


  • Additional meetings may be held via Zoom or in person as requested by the committee chairperson or Board of Directors.

  • All volunteers are required to complete training, sign Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Most roles are virtual.

  • Active Facebook profile. Internal business of the nonprofit is conducted via Facebook groups and Messenger.

  • Hours:

    • Committee members will work a 2+ hours per month (flexible except event attendance).

    • Facebook Administrators 4 hours per week (requires weekly sign up for specific days/times).

Please apply using JotForm Volunteer Application

Volunteer: Facebook Page Administrator

Job Description

This is a virtual volunteer position. The Facebook Page Administrator serves as the first contact with pet owners when a pet is lost or found. Find Toby in PA provides coaching, resources and expertise in animal reunion.

The Facebook Page Administrator responds to messages on Facebook, creates posts for lost/found pets and monitors comments to ensure comments are appropriate. The Facebook Page Administrator assures Find Toby in PA is marketed in a positive way and helps to expand awareness.

Volunteers who are granted access to post or create content in an official capacity must undergo supervision and, where required, training in appropriate conduct specific to each platform, sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct and follow our volunteer policies.


Principal Responsibilities

  • Respond to all Facebook messages with urgency

  • Provide coaching and resources to owners or finders of lost pets

  • Create posts for lost/found pets

  • Moderate comments on posts



  • Passion for reuniting pets with their families

  • Active Facebook account

  • Ability to create posts on Facebook

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to multi-task



  • We request volunteers to commit to 4 hours per week (in 2 hour shifts), flexible to your schedule

  • Volunteers sign up for hours weekly (we are open 365 days a year from 8am - 10pm)

  • Provide your own computer and internet access

  • Primary communication via Facebook

  • Participation in Facebook group for volunteers

  • Complete Facebook Administrator training


Desired Skills and Experience

This position requires the following skills: Create posts on Facebook,



Please apply using JotForm Volunteer Application

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