What to do when your pet goes missing

Below are our quick graphics of what to do as soon as your pet has gone missing - instructions are slightly different if you have lost a cat or dog.  Further below are our detailed lists of information that can help you be reunited with your pet!

Don't forget to message our facebook page, Find Toby in PA with the details needed to create a post: a photo of your lost pet, City & State where lost, streets at the nearest intersection, date lost, a contact number we can include in our post.  Additional information which is helpful - Pet name, gender, if wearing collar/tags, if microchipped, helpful descriptive details.

2020 Lost Cat.png
2020 Lost Dog.png

In addition to our tip sheets above, here is additional information that can help you, espcially if your pet has been missing for greater than 24-48 hours:

Find Toby in PA provides links to outside sources & businesses as a reference. We do not endorse any business but wish to provide our followers with as much information and additional resources as we can

Behavior Information

Lost Dog Behavior

Lost Cat Behavior

Dogs lost from unfamiliar locations - such as: parks, rest areas, car accidents - will often stay in the general area or if they bolt, they will return to the place they were lost..

If you see your dog: Don't Call Your Dog!

Calming Signals (short video)

Lost Cats: Do Not Set Out The Litterbox

Search Tools

Trail Cameras - Also be sure that neighbors with security cameras and ring doorbells are aware of an on the lookout for your missing pet.

Some areas have cat traps available to loan.  Check the list on our Resources page

Raise awareness in your area of your lost pet with Intersection Alerts, Car Tagging (look for Window Markers for Cars or Glass) & Highly visible posters/flyers


Search Tips

Don't Give Up!

Many pets are reunited after weeks, months, and even years

Animals are resilient

They are able to survive severe weather and typically keep themselves safe when not being chased